It’s Knitting/Crocheting Season!!

Hi!  I don’t know if anyone really visits this page outside of looking at the Link amigurumi pattern, but I actually haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  School has started up again and I’m busy with it, but in my spare time I’ve been looking at knitting patterns.  I’m knitting a scarf for my boyfriend right now, and that got me interested in knitting again.  For the longest time I’ve been into crocheting and kind of gave up knitting, but I think I will be picking it back up again.  Sometimes it’s hard to find time to do that as a student…  Even so, I think it’s a good way to relax and I could use some stress relief.

I’m so excited about the Gosyo Company Site (in Japanese) because they have really awesome patterns for free (they call ’em “samples”).  I’m even more excited that I rediscovered The ABCs of Knitting, a site with English info about Japanese knitting patterns that is unparalleled.  (Oh, if only I had seen this before I tried to figure out what マリヤス stitch was–through roundabout ways I found out it’s just plain ol’ stockinette.)

Oh, and I know some good sites for crocheters too…Snuffykin of LiveJournal posted this nifty little guide for converting Japanese crochet hook sizes.  Purlyshells at blogspot has this guide on how to read a Japanese crochet pattern chart.

Some of the symbols used in crochet/knitting charts are explained if you buy a Japanese pattern book, which I have a few of, but in lieu of that if you’re just looking at internet patterns this crochet legend is great(English–these symbols are the same everywhere pretty much, though I’m fairly certain it’s in Australia and the UK that the names of stitches are slightly different) and the Tezukuri Town knitting page (Japanese) shows knitting symbols in Japanese charts.  Even if you can’t read Japanese the diagrams are pretty helpful.

Oh, I can’t forget to mention the site.  There are tons of patterns here, also for free.  Both the aforementioned Gosyo site and the site have patterns for knitters and crocheters, and they’re free, so please check them out no matter what you enjoy!

If you’re hunting for pattern books, Amazon Japan is a great place to check out what’s available.  After that, if you feel confident ordering in Japanese, bk1 is a great resource for actually buying stuff that is based in Japan but ships abroad and not for exorbitant fees–you can choose from about 5 different shipping options.  I’d recommend EMS if you can afford it since it has tracking, but it’s kind of steep ($13 and up, depending on weight of package in grams).  Otherwise, Kinokuniya (US page, though there are branches elsewhere in the world) is great too.  Either way, if you get an ISBN number for a book from Amazon Japan you should be able to search for the book in both of the buying sites I’ve mentioned.

Happy crafting!  I will try to post pictures later on when I start making the project I’ve selected.  🙂

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