Sweet Accessories

I just discovered the site Must Have Cute, which is really right up my alley since I’m such a sucker for all kinds of adorable things.  Seriously, I spent time going through all existing pages just looking at the fantastic stuff they have there.  I was really surprised when I found out that someone else had discovered the Mousse-chan paperclay kits available from jbox.com, and had written a tutorial about it.  A long time ago, when I bought the same kind of kit I translated the directions for myself painstakingly using my lovely electronic Canon Wordtank dictionary.  However, this post is much prettier than the sheet of notebook paper I wrote on for personal use.  🙂

Hmm, well, other than that, I’ve been really interested in learning how to sew recently and I have a ton of crochet projects I’m aching to do.  Because of that, I’ve been looking through craft blogs pretty intensely.  Amy Karol’s blog is incredible and I found so many good ideas there that I know I’ll just have to use.  But I still have to learn how to sew first…haha.  I suppose next time I can I will be going to the giant library in my town and bringing home a canvas bag full of books (because it’s not like I have 20+ already checked out…).

I’ve been so much more interested in crafts lately and now that I have free time it’s really lovely to be able to work on them.  I have been thinking about maybe making scarves and selling them for inexpensive prices since it’d be nice to have some pocket money (all of it is going to craft supplies anyway…) but I’m not sure whether it’d be worth the time or not.  Anyway, I have ~5 projects I wanna do before that that are all crochet.  Not to mention that new Japanese crochet book about making dresses and accessories with wool is begging to be used…  :<

Oh well.  Sometime I will be getting to that, you bet.

June 3, 2010. Uncategorized.

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